Amir Chodorov, crossing the barrier of “visual attention”

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Amir Chodorov’s puzzle enshrines history, but at the same time it creates a new and fresh contemporary reality.

As a photographer, I tried for a long time to create a method that would allow me to create such an “integral photography” that integrates physical objects, emotions and beauty. »

—Amir Chodorov

NEW YORK, USA, June 23, 2022 / — Amir Chodorov was rewarded by ATIM Top 60 Masters Price per International Art Tour Magazine. Hailing from Israel, this fine art photographer has gained worldwide recognition for his compelling images. Here we share with you some ideas from the artist.

Crossing the barrier of “visual attention”.

“What you see is determined by what you are witnessing at any given moment. The environment presents far more perceptual information than the brain can process efficiently. The visual attention barrier forces our brain to select the most relevant information for the current behavior, especially in places with many objects and noises. Complexity and information overload characterize almost all visual environments, since our brain’s perceptual system cannot build us a complete view of all objects together.

As a photographer, I have long tried to create a method that would give me the ability to create such “integral photography” that integrates – physical objects, emotions and beauty.

In 2017, after 40 years of experience, I succeeded in inventing a personal method that breaks our barrier of visual attention as a photographer and allows me to create a complete view of the places reflected in my work.

I have found that the photographer’s first barrier is the camera’s viewfinder, which reduces our ability to see all objects in the location while shooting.

First preview:
The shooting must be done from my brain and not from the viewfinder of the camera.

Second preview:
before photographing, I stay in place for a while to give my brain time to study the physical objects – the shape and shapes of the lines and the color pigments. An atmosphere filled with emotions includes people, religion, culture and energy.

Third preview:
find the best “viewpoint” that covers all objects together. These three insights mentioned above draw a pattern in my mind that creates the integration of objects.

Execution stage:
from the selected point of view, I take hundreds of photos from different angles without looking through the camera’s viewfinder but following my eyes to cover the entire brain diagram.

Final process:
arrange the photos together like a puzzle, creating an “integral photograph” of the location.

Amir Chodorov was also featured in the Amazon Best-Seller book, ATIM’s Top 60 Masters, published by ArtTour International Magazine. This book presents all the artists awarded the 2022 ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards.

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