All the visual evolutions of characters from Street Fighter 4 to Street Fighter 5… which game is the best looking?

Now that the Street Fighter 5 roster is finalized, it turns out that no less than 23 characters have appeared in both Street Fighter 4 and its successor. These two games came out about seven years apart, and a lot can happen in the creative and technological realms that can alter how the characters look.

We’ve put together a visual comparison video so you can compare and contrast the looks of all 23 fighters. We provide intro and ending animations for both titles, as well as side-by-side comparisons of characters as they appear in their neutral in-game states.

It’s easy to miss the finer details and changes, especially if you’re talking about a fighter you’re not familiar with. Some characters, like Chun-Li, haven’t received many changes as it seems the only real changes for her between the two games are in the resolution and possibly her face shape.

Other fighters, like Cody or Dhalsim, have undergone heavy visual upgrades as the former goes from his criminal outfit to a party outfit (he became the mayor of Metrocity in SF5) and the latter sports a turban and bushy facial hair only his SF5 appearance.

As for the overall timeline, Street Fighter 4 actually takes place after Street Fighter 5, which involves Cody going from wealth to rags and Sim eventually getting shaved.

Each character showcase follows a similar format as we see the intro for SF4, then the intro for SF5, then a few seconds of side-by-side character models so we can see their ready positions; all inactive animations; and a taunt, then exit animations for SF4, and finally exit animations for SF5.

That’s about 30 seconds for each roster member, but we’ve noticed that some have more neutral stance animations than others.

Dan Hibiki, for example, has a ton of idle moves in both games while M. Bison is much more minimal in that department. We also noticed that Capcom put a little more emphasis on idle animations in SF5 than in its predecessor.

Take a look at the visual evolution showcase below and let us know if there are any notable changes you particularly dislike or like in the comments.

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00:00 – Introduction and Ryu
00:37 – Chun Li
01:12 – Mr. Bison
01:45 – Cammy
02:20 – Ken
02:55 – Vega
03:27 – Zangief
04:00 – Dhalsim
04:35 – Cunning
05:07 – Ibuki
05:39 – Balrog
06:12 – Jury
06:50 – Akuma
07:24 – Sakura
07:56 – Blanka
08:29 – Cody
09:14 – Sagat
09:53 – Evil Ryu/Kage
10:30 – Poisonous
11:12 – E.Honda
11:48 – Seth
12:26 – Dan
13:09 – Pink

Briana R. Cross