90 days with Unreal Engine 5: visual slaps for video artists

After knowing that many new games like Avowed, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 or State of Decay 3 have been developed using Unreal Engine 5, today we have the opportunity to learn more about the engine blueprint capabilities. Watch out, it’s awesome!

Varied biomes with great graphics

For several years, Epic Games has been promoting its graphics engine very widely. Ads, free use, free resources, ease of use and technical prowess have made this engine one of the great benchmarks for graphics engines cut out for everyone.

With the implementation of the Quixel library in 2020 which makes it easy to get a large amount of high-quality assets, more and more artists are starting to experiment with the engine. Unreal Engine 5 was recently released to the public, but awesome videos are already starting to go viral on Youtube.

This new demo created by an artist takes us to different countries with a wide variety of graphic styles. Whatever the exposed environment, one can only be enthusiastic in front of such grandiose panoramas. If the first technical sections of the new engine cared about the lack of artistic direction, now we can see its full potential.

The artists behind this project set themselves a challenge: to create a coherent universe, graphically luxurious and in real time. The most impressive fact is that each of these environments was individually created in 3 days and by only 3 people. All that remains is to wait for the big games to fully enjoy it again! In April, we learned that at least 8 Xbox studios were working on Unreal Engine 5.

Finally, let’s remember that these videos are “only” originals accompanied by pretty lighting and other display techniques, but this in no way reflects the complexity of a video game which must also manage a lot of things dynamically. Such as characters, physics, artificial intelligence, tasks and other unexpected events.

Briana R. Cross