2K Sports and Visual Concepts look set to continue working on WWE 2K

Despite rumors that the WWE 2K franchise will soon be taken over by Electronic Arts, it looks like the game series will remain in 2K’s hands, likely thanks to the commercial success of WWE 2K22.

Visual Concepts has spent the past two years creating WWE 2K22, a soft reboot of the franchise, and the results have been positive. Motivation must have been high for the studio, as rumors surfaced that WWE was interested in replacing 2K Sports with another sports juggernaut in the form of Electronic Arts, should WWE 2K22 not be a success. But with the way the latest game in the series turned the tide with what is already the series’ most polished game in years, it looks like those rumors will now be put to rest. While not perfect and still plagued with numerous bugs, it seems WWE 2K22 was enough to calm WWE down and let 2K Sports hold the keys to heaven for now.

Perhaps reacting to these rumors, Ronnie 2K posted on Twitter a photo of him with Stephanie McMahon. The official WWE 2K account as well posted an image from 2K Sports executives with Stephanie McMahon, giving the impression that business ties remain strong and healthy.

However, fans who continue to experience game bugs despite beefy updates intended to fix things have those fans wanting WWE to continue with the EA takeover. Whether or not EA would end up making WWE 2K a better game than it currently is is up for debate, but these fans are willing to take a gamble, as they view the game as a failure because the game is still a buggy mess for some despite the extra time Visual Concepts took to fix things. For them, it’s a sign that a change of studio is underway.

Meanwhile, some fans have given up on WWE 2K altogether and are patiently waiting for Yuke’s AEW game to release – although the new console game doesn’t yet have a release date.

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Briana R. Cross